Rotary Youth Exchange


THE "JESUS EUCARISTIA" SCHOOL, Educational Institution, existing and duly constituted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Colombia, recognized by Resolution 001815 of December 18, 1981, issued by the Secretary of Education of Boyacá, with address in the city of Duitama -Boyacá, and identified with the NIT 23541925-2 and Code ICFES 057133; in accordance with the provisions of Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 and Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, establishes the following internal policy for the adequate Treatment and Management of Personal Data that have been collected and stored in their databases; for this reason, issues the present policy of treatment of personal information, in compliance with the Constitution and the Law, in accordance with the various processes that are handled with students, parents, employees, suppliers and visitors of the institution, where THE SCHOOL, holds the quality of Responsible for the treatment of personal data.

Consult HERE the Policy and Procedures of Treatment of Personal Data of the School.

Rotary Youth Exchange

Since the year 2007, the Jesus Eucharist School was linked to the Rotary Youth Exchange program of Rotary International, offering the students who come to Colombia through this plan the experience of living a school year and being able to learn the Spanish language. and at the same time make friends and learn much more about our country and all its cultural diversity.

This is how we have had on the campus very special people, whose treatment and good manners have left lasting mark.


The Jesus Eucharist School welcomes this opportunity to work with young people from different countries and cultures, and reinforces its intention to continue being an establishment with opportunities for the Rotary Youth Exhange program to continue in our country.

We thank the Rotary Clubs of Duitama and Paipa for keeping us in mind for these initiatives.


Rotary International