The manager of this educational project is Mrs. Aura Nelly Castro de Gómez, who has dedicated her life to student education, within pedagogical schemes that combine the academic part with the artistic part as a means to channel all the expectations, desires and capacities of both students and teachers in order to always achieve a high level of educational excellence.



The Jesus Eucaristia School started work in the year of 1982 in the city of Duitama. It was born as an alternative for the student population of the city, concentrating initially on pre-school and primary education.

From the moment in which it was conceived, responsibility, dynamism, leadership, as well as ethical, religious and moral values, have played a very important role in the activities carried out on the campus both in the curricular and extracurricular field.

The School always keeps in mind the fact that if you want to obtain quality education it is not enough to have excellent students, you must also have a high quality teaching group as well as a good physical infrastructure and a support material.

In the first years, the school did not have its own facilities. However, this was not an obstacle because it had the courage and tenacity of a group of teachers related to the ideas that motivated the creation of the school, as well as the support of students and parents. It was not until the year of 1986 that the construction of what is now block number 1 of the school began.

The educational community (managers, teachers, students and parents) has always participated in all activities of a religious or academic nature. The First Communion ceremony is one of the solemn acts that take place during the school year.

Within the academic activities, the closing ceremony of studies has been the most important, because it shows the sense that the school has in front of the integral formation of the student.

The closing ceremony of studies allows young people to show the development of their artistic abilities through dance and music. It is a program in which for years there was always a tour of world folklore showing dances, both native and foreign, with impeccable quality and presentation. Since 2009 the scheme of the closing ceremony has changed and everything has been assembled around a musical show with a mixture of theater and dance and live music performed by the Symphonic band of the campus. During the year this program is thoroughly prepared and from the formulation to the final staging the human and tpecnica qualities are maintained. This has allowed the students of the school to have a very solidary image in front of their parents, since they demonstrate, in addition to obtaining optimal results, the opportunity to enhance abilities and skills outside the curriculum established by the school.

In year 1988, the campus, attentive to the needs felt in the city and based on the achievements obtained up to that moment, made the incorporation of the baccalaureate into the educational project of the school a reality, reinforcing everything that had been achieved so far. with the infantile population, with a view to the formation of young leaders who possess excellent academic bases and imponderables human qualities, able to assure them university and professional successes.

The establishment of the baccalaureate was done gradually, beginning with the sixth and seventh grades and gradually adding one grade each year. As well as it was possible to maintain a group of students who from the beginning of their secondary education sought to achieve excellence.

All the activities, curricular and extracurricular, extended to the baccalaureate, involving the students and the educational community in the development of them. The solemn closing program was maintained and all the artistic manifestations continued to be cultivated, reaching ever better levels that allowed the school to excel in each of its presentations inside and outside the campus.

In 1992, the school proclaimed its first promotion of high school graduates. The outstanding results obtained by them in the state tests and the academic achievements confirmed the success of the methodology used on the campus and enriched the motivation to be better each day.

Currently the school is in an excellent academic level and the classification, product of the results in the state tests, shows that you can always obtain excellence if you work hard, without relenting in any effort for small or complex that it seems .

In the year 2001, the Jesus Eucharist School began. the adaptation and implementation of the current country headquarters, with the aim of creating new spaces in which the educational community, primarily students, can exploit their potential in areas such as sports, recreation, dance, as well as activities complementary to their academic training. Attending to the needs, this country headquarters has a multiple room with capacity for 600 people, sports fields, green areas, spaces in which students can get in touch with nature and animals of our region.

The school, aware of the changes and educational demands necessary in the third millennium, works permanently in the redefinition of procedures and in strengthening at all levels to be in accordance with the new paradigms imposed by society, technical and scientific advances and the incorporation of new methodologies for teaching, increasingly participatory.

As proof of the effectiveness of the processes carried out within the school are the excellent results in the SABER tests that place it as a point of reference in the municipal and departmental framework, as well as the results in the state examinations practiced by the ICFES that located within the schools qualified as SUPERIOR and VERY SUPERIOR. This offers a guarantee of quality in the education received on the campus as a solid basis for the admission and subsequent exercise of professional life.

The horizon points towards an integral formation, which involves: development, creativity and research capacity, throughout the curriculum, to achieve the solidification of the individual's identity, with himself, with his environment. This implies assimilating and / or adapting the new teaching schemes, new technologies, work, as well as innovation with new support mechanisms in the teaching-learning process.

It is imperative for the school to emphasize the development of research criteria in young students, as this ability is the key to success in this new century, and the complement of the philosophy that has marked the activities of the campus, which has always tried to be consistent with the moment, the evolution and rhythm imposed by the social and cultural environment.

The Jesus Eucaristia School keeps alive the impetus and desire to serve with the best quality the young generations of our beloved Colombia, who since its foundation have marked the course, raised the challenges and helped overcome the difficulties.